High notes release/staccato error


I have just installed the grand se trial coming with c6 install.

I have found that some notes in high octaves are hold. (yamaha c7)
If you release the keyboard, the note still sounding. (like unnatural big ADSR release on synth)
Only few notes. But it’s very strange.
I have read that others has metallic sound in this range, but it’s not that problem.

Overall, I really like the sound of this piano, but this problem make this trial unusable for me, it’s very annoying that you can’t play on it really.

This metallic sound problem was on grand 1 I remember, when I played it with distributor, and it’s sounded as I playing 48khz sound on 44 or something.

So steinberg, whats wrong with high notes all the time ? :slight_smile:


Nobody ? It’s only trial version error, or on the full to or only at me…