High-Performance Gaming PC-Laptops for Music Production ?


Do you think the new Alienware M17x laptop can function as a powerful Music Production laptop, in addition to other fun stuff. i.e. gaming, design, …etc. ?


Here is a review of the Alienware M17X (2011 model) in Laptop Magazine :

http://www.laptopmag.com/review/laptops/alienware- m17x-2011.aspx

It got five stars out of five (Rarely, given to a laptop !)

I will be running :

Cubase 6 (Primary Sequencer). With various VST instruments, Sample libraries, VST effects.

Additional Optional Sequencers :

Reason 5 & Record 1.5, FL10, Live 8 Suite.

Your feedback would be helpful, and very interesting.


I guess it might be possible, but consider what interface you’re going to be using. There’s no firewire, and no express card slot. But I’m no authority.

Yes, that’s correct. But… I’m planning to use a USB2 based audio interface, possibly from RME, or Roland. So, FW/express card slot is not needed.

I’m also curious to know if any USB3 based audio interfaces will begin to show up on the market in the near future ?