High-pitched B flat signalling playback or record start


When I click play or record in my project, I hear a single high b flat, as if to signal the beginning of my playback or recording. This only just recently started while I was trying to work out (unsuccessfully) how to hear the Yamaha Mx series’ sounds for midi playback (that will probably be another post ;).

I am currently using a focusrite scarlett 3rd gen. as my audio interface.

It appears to not have anything to do with my metronome settings and I can’t find any setting related to a playback/record starting sound. It’s very annoying and difficult to start recording or listening when you hear a loud, high-pitched b flat every time you start. Any help would be very much appreciated!


Is it from one of the instruments in your project?
I had this from a trumpet part in a project I was working on a couple of days ago, I didn’t get to the bottom of it and must admit I’d forgotten about it until your post. Is it just on one project? I’ve not had it on anything I’ve worked on since FWIW.

unfortunately it’s not from a single part. It happens even without any events present and in all projects :frowning:

Are you using an external MIDI controller to start/stop/initiate record?

Sometimes the transport buttons on those controllers are sending MIDI notes, not MMC or other such and that can make extraneous notes appear…

If it’s not that, then I’m lost, sorry…


That would be a good explanation but I’m afraid not. It did start after I was fiddling with the MX and I noticed instead of receiving the midi data, the midi event would switch Solo mode on and off, so the Midi device was unintentionally sending some controls via some of the keys. Could something have been unintentionally triggered by that do you think?

It’s possible…

Maybe have a look at what the MX is actually sending/receiving…