High pitched whine when playing back audio, sometimes

Hi, I only noticed this a little while back while after recording some Rhodes VI out through my pedal and pre amp and listening for noise. I noticed that sometimes when playing the audio there is a very quiet high pitched whine/sine noise and everytime i stop and start the audio it is there sometimes and sometimes not, it seems to be with all audio now that I pay attention.

Does anyone know what this is? I thought it was USB noise captured in the audio but since it is sometimes there and not rules that out. :neutral_face:

Any info/ideas appreciated thanks.

Is it definitely on your exported files?

Have you transferred a file to another device and tried it on that or opened one in a wave editor such as wavelab to look at the silent parts yet to remove the possibility that it’s something on your machine?
Check each file on each project too to see if it’s one of those causing the problem, could be a ‘noisy’ plugin, some include noise by design these days…

Could also be a dodgy cable/psu/electrical issue with your piano… could also be a phenomenon called ‘coil whine’ which can occur from time to time on mother boards/other electronic device…

Hi thanks for response, I’ve not checked in the exported files(haven’t got that far), it’s occuring IN Cubase after recording when playing… ie, play it a few seconds, stop and start say 5 times, each time it will be different, sometimes a none, sometimes a little sometimes more… it’s very faint but noticeable.

I’ll look into Coil whine.


Ok if you do as i suggest first then you will know for sure if it’s IN cubase, which, unless it’s a plugin is highly unlikely.

If it’s not a plugin then it’s likely to be something electrical/RF related and the most likely way you’re going to track it down is by doing things a step at a time methodically, not by making assumptions that the problem is in cubase before even checking as i’ve suggested to actually verify that.

Try exporting a file using cubases’ tone generator, try a slow sine wave sweep with no processing, also try exporting a blank region of time in cubase, a minute or so, that way if cubase is generating the noise you will hear it on its own… the files exported from cubase are generated entirely within cubase, unless you’re using external sound sources or external processors so the resultant files won’t have passed through any of your computer hardware, only cubase if you follow?

If, as i suspect those files are noiseless, which will indicate whether or not cubase is the cause of your issue, then start reintroducing things one at a time and keep an ear out for the noise again.

If you work through things in this way you’re much more likely to find the source of, and be able to remedy your issue quickly.

Also there’s no such thing as ‘USB noise’… if USB devices are causing noise then there’s an electrical/RF issue in your system…