High Precision Audio interface Driver

Hi all,

when I started 9.5 on Mac, I got the option to select a new audio interface called ‘Mytek Brooklyn (high precision)’. Just to check I went back to 9.0 and that option isn’t available.

Is this something to do with the 64 bit mixer? What does it mean (I can guess, but I’d like an informed answer if possible!)

Many thanks


It is just an audio interface driver that is installed on the system that was probably caught as an option to use in Cubase when starting for the first time.

It is not related to the 64 bit floating point engin e.

Thanks Greg.

I’ve contacted the folks at Mytek and they don’t install an audio interface driver with that name, so it’s a bit of a mystery. When a trial version becomes available, they are going to try it for themselves.