High Quality Mode Question

What does High Quality mode actually do? Does it matter whether or not if that is checked because when I do check The high quality mode box the only thing it changes is the Sample rate to 44.1, which is what I would usually pick anyway. All replies are appreciated…

I’ve wondered about the same thing but I can’t find any answers. I thought it was possibly a VBR switch, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I can export a 24/48 wav as 320kbps mp3 files in both HQ and non-HQ mode, and both mp3 files null perfectly together. They are exactly the same file.

well that answers the question then doesn’t it?

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Here is an old thread (about a year and a half ago) on this topic.
Unfortunately not very many answers from back then either.


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This is the answer no?

Then I would always leave it switched to High Quality. Looks better. :wink:

You should look for Fraunhofer mp3 encoder, Fraunhofer would know.

Know what?

What the setting does in Their codec.
BTW. I did a null test on the resulting files made with and without the HQ setting, and they were identical.

Just wondering if the actual MP3 files were different, i.e. different size, different checksum?


Do Fraunhofer have a HQ setting in their codec or is that steinberg’s nifty little feature?

PS - I did search for about 3min, found a couple explanations but none explain why they sum. Seems to me like it’s a “better box”…

Would love to hear from Steinberg what it does.