High RAM use while idle

Hi, Just wanted to say something out loud that happened last night. I loaded up Cubase 11 after using the Steinberg Library Manager to move my content to an external drive. This was successful and completed with no problem. In Cubase I opened the Mediabay and assigned the new location for this content and watched it all successfully scan all this content, so far so good. I watched all the folders go from the yellow color to red to white and the operation completed. I did not open any session or do anything else, I left the application open over night, It was sitting at about 500mb RAM use. When I woke up this morning and went to the PC Cubase had used all the available memory sitting idle it was over 13GB of my RAM assigned to the process in resource monitor, on Win 10. Just wondered if anyone else has had this issue? or why this might have happened?