High usage of Checking Licencenes in WIN10 Task Manager

i noticed that when i run C12 i get a very high usage of Checking Licencenes in WIN10 Task Manager that just stays on all the time:

this process also seems to consume very high part of the RAM (3.5Gb vs project use only 16Mb)
any insights?

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It looks as though the “Checking Licences” thing is actually Cubase.
As a reference, because I have no idea what goes on here,
No project:

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yes, it is cubase hogging all that activity and RAM. why??

Weirdly where you have “Checking licenses” I have Cubase and the project name instead.

maybe corresponding to this issue: Checking licenses bug still there - #11 by Pit_1

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yes, same issue. how would Cubase check licenses if i am offline?
i will check.

did test with internet disconnected:
it still checks licenses, but with a much lower RAM use and Power usage.
but then, when closing C12 and opening it for the 2nd time: no licenses are checked even with internet access available.

Maybe Cubase is checking other types of licenses, interestingly not all PCs are affected and it’s not a C13 issue only.

I have had many issues with checking licences since its introduction.

In the windows task manager the check licencing is always report something untoward, for instance:

  1. No licence
  2. Not responding
  3. Checking licences

All accompanied with high usage loading as described by Kalamski above.


And do you have any Waves plugins installed?
Would be nice to find a pattern or root cause for this to get triggered.

I recently switched to Nuendo which starts like hell within seconds (same platform, but who knows…). Before that, I tried to reset Cubase to factory settings, lost all individual settings - did not help at all. It is still buggy in terms of starting time (the hub hangs for a bunch of seconds as well).