Higher Average Asio Load = Slower GUI Response and Interrupts


working on Cubase 10.5 Win10 64bit with Nvidia 8GB and GIGABYTE GA-X99P-SLI 128 GB Ram 6 Core I7 and RME Fireface 800.
Did all the Nvidia, bios etc. tweaks I could read. DCP Latency checker is OK- but Still :
looking for a solution for a slow GUI (freeze Mouse Cursor for less than a second every 10 seconds or so) when I reach ASIO load about 80 percent (using 50% CPU Win Taskmanager). The whole cubase Program GUI becomes really really slow.
I checked this also with a blank template and lots of duplicated reverb plugins -> once ASIO gets high (but still realtime playable without clicks) working with Cubase GUI becomes extremely slow and I cant even draw MIDI CC Without those fast mouse Cursor freezes.

Heck, I would even pay a professional " Trouble Shooter " (is that the right word :mrgreen: ) just to be able to work with a fluent GUI under heavy ASIO load. Any Ideas ?
Cheers, lokotus

Maybe this is normal in the DAW World -> High ASIO meaning Slower GUI or this is something Cubase specific (haven’t used another DAW — YET :cry: )