Higher or lovwer tempo in midi file


I have made a piece of music in a midi fle, but I notice that the tempo is nog correct. Is it possible that I can change the tempo for all channels together?

Thansk in advance.


Open the Tempo Editor or the Tempo Track and change the tempo. Done.

If your tempo is the same for the whole project, you can also change it just on the Transport Panel.

Hi Martin,

thanks for your answer.
The strange thing is that, when I higher the tempo on the transport panel, not every channel will be changed. From the six channels, 2 chanels do not chnage in tempo.

Maybe I am doning things wrong, but I already thought that using the the tempo change in the transport panel, everything would be fixed.

M<ayb you can help me further?
Thanks in advance.

Cees Wassenaar

@cees.wassenaar Have you familiarized yourself with Linear/Musical Timebase?
User Raino wrote and excellent post about it here: