higher track counts in Nuendo Live

Can anyone confirm they are having success in recording more than 64 tracks to Nuendo Live on a Mac, and if so, with what hardware? I am configuring a new system here for a client. It comprises a current model Mac Mini (8GB ram), and a RME DSPe MADI FX triple-madi card, all in one of the new Magma Roben thunderbolt chassis. Recording drive is a LaCie 256GB SSD.

Using Reaper, it will happily record 192 tracks until it runs out of drive space (3 hours). Reaper reports 22% average CPU usage doing this.

Using Nuendo Live on the same system, I can get 56 or 64 tracks (depending on the source of the MADI) to record just fine, but when I add the second madi stream, to take it up to 112 or 128 tracks, it goes for about 30 seconds then throws up an error about recording too many tracks. I’ve tried increasing the record buffer to the maximum, with no difference. Pre-record is set to zero.

If other are having success with recording more tracks, I’ll persist with trying to track down the problem, as my client has used older versions of Nuendo, and is more comfortable with the look of this as opposed to Reaper. It is only a backup system to a main ProTools rig.

By the look of this forum, it seems that Steinberg aren’t giving this product much attention at the moment - maybe busy with other products more core to their business than a little recorder they were asked to make by Yamaha.