Highhat min/max open issue Groove Agent 5

Newbie here, I drag or convert to midi main 1 of the Feel How Sweet it is style (1 complexity/ no auto fill or complexity) to a cubase midi track and it will play with the high hat fully open/max unlike the closed sound when the main style is played in groove agent’s own transport or a style trigger note in a midi track. I did get over the learning curve with pattern port/midi routing so I’m confident it isn’t that issue. I don’t know enough yet to understand how this is affecting the sound as only hihat tip closed and hihat shank are triggered for hihats in this simple beat. Also interesting, I noticed this parameter doesn’t seem to play a unique sample with each graduation when the style is played directly in groove agent transport or when using a style trigger note in a midi track. The midi track with the actual instrument triggers seems to have a unique sample for each graduation of highhat min/max open.