HighLife sampler / Cubase not recording


I use HalfLife vst sampler, and I click R/W buttons before recording, but Cubase doesn’t record the changes what I am doing while playing. Normally with Synth vst’s recording goes well, but when I am switching the loop size while playing, Cubase doesn’t record that; so in the end of my recording I can hear only the LAST loop, not all those different variations what I did while playing.

I also tried to record the sound with external software, like Audacity (stereo mix) and Free Sound Recorder, but they don’t catch the sound from Cubase at all - probably because the interface is between, and I don’t know how to do the settings so that Audacity could get the sounds in…

Any help?

IIRC, in audacity you need to change driver to WASAPI and select line out as recording input.
It might be that the loop parameter isnt automatible in that VST

thanks - kiitos! that worked :slight_smile:

Ole hyvä :smiley: