Highlight audio to adjust clip volume

Ability to adjust audio volume by highlighting a region and adjusting volume of that part only, not the whole clip. You can do this in Studio 1 without cutting the clip, adjusting volume and them consolidating the clip(s) back together. Example: a vocal edit where I want to adjust the first syllable of a word (volume down). Cutting the beginning and end may not be possible without artifacts, clicks or dropouts.

Thanks…mike b

If you open a controller lane you can use the range selector tool to highlight just the part you need, then raise or lower that selection using the handle top centre. Zoom in and its very accurate.

You can also draw in levels using the Pen tool directly on the clip in the main project window, You cant go any higher than the track volume, but this will do what you are asking and lower it.

You can also do this using the sample editor window and use off line processing, which i find the best way of doing it if there are multiple spikes that need taming.

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Select the range by using Range Tool. Then use Direct Offline Process Gain to increase/decrease the volume of the selected range.

Myself, I prefer to use Volume automation.

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