Highlight/Record PT style...possible in N5.5

One of the very few features I really like in PT is that I can highlight a region, press record and it’ll record from that region to the end of the highlight. In Nuendo I have to highlight, hit p to set the locators to the highlight and then record…but I constantly have to reset the locators because of that.
Is there a way of setting the locators temporarily to the highlighted region and record that way, the way PT does it?

You can use just the Locate Selection from the Transport menu (shortcut “L”). Your playhead will jump on the start of the selected region. Then, you can just press Record. If you have no pre-count, that’s it.

If you want to do this by using one shortcut, make your ownr Macro for these two steps.

thanks, that helps a bit but doesn’t solve the problem completely

I still have to disable Record from Left Locator and then it won’t stop recording at the end of the selection.

I created a macro that sets the locators to the selection and then records it…that works halfway decent…

Anyway, I found a “Play Selection” shortcut. All I want is a “Record Selection” maybe it’ll be in a future version.

Yes, unfortunately, if you want to record selection, you have to remove your Locators. This is the only one way in the Cubase, at this moment.