Highlight selected track row

Highlight selected track row in Arrange window to easier navigation in huge templates
Perhaps highlighting track row to row when moving mouse arrow :exclamation:

Please! Make this on the next update!

I’ve been using other DAWs for more than 20 years and just switched to Cubase because of some of its features and stability.

But for one like me who’s using large monitors with dozens and dozens of tracks, not highlithing the entire row is pretty annoying and difficult to handle. It would be a big usability win!

looks relatively easy job to implement

Very essential !!

Thanks for proposing this. I actually subscribed to this forum today JUST for this, to see if there are any workarounds.
Been using Cubase for 10+ years but only recently had to figure out the PLE+Macros to build my template.

The only workaround I can think of is a Macro that uses “Select Track: Next” and then “Select Track: Prev” in succession. I don’t know if this works - I haven’t tried it yet.

Also, the function should take into account that, if locating a track within a closed folder, it should open all the folders until the proper child track.
I don’t know if my Macro workaround would work in that case. If anybody wants to try this before I do, you’re welcome to it. I’ll share my results.

It is kind of… annoying, I guess… that there are pointers to previous and next tracks, but not a function to locate the one you’re on… Unless I’m very much mistaken and we’ve been missing it.


+1 on this as well. I was amazed this isn’t already inherent. Would improve workflow considerably.

Bump to top to see if this might ever get done…seems pretty easy to highlight the entire when clicking on a channel…pretty much all other programs do it…would love to see it in Cubase

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