Highlight selected tracks' / moving events' whole background to help visual contrast


I would like to request this as a new feature (possibly two separate features), similar to something mentioned elsewhere on the forum a few years ago :

I have a big project with a couple dozens of tracks or folder tracks in view, where I need to drag events between them and it’s very difficult for me to aim for the right position and not make a mistake.
I have visual impairment since I’m young, even changing background color doesn’t help much. Basically my field of view is narrow, so when i look left to see the tracks names, I lose sight of where my events are.
Now having some light on the whole length of selected track (like when lanes are open (see forum post mentioned above) from the left side track header to the right edge would help locate which event is in which track better.

More importantly : when dragging events around, under the cursor you only see some light “shadow” rectangle(s) representing where the events will be moved. But again for me it’s hard to see in which track I am when I do this.
What would be a huge help is having the background of those destination tracks also slightly highlighted when moving events. This way my eyes could run temporarily from the event to the track headers, check the track name(s) are correct, then run back to the event, aiming better without getting lost.

Thanks in advance for considering this. I believe this could be flagged as an accessibility feature to some extent.