Highlighting automation. Things are too small

got an easier way to do this?
There’s got to be a better graphical display than tiny dots that are often too close to the adjacent track.
I want a way to not have to zoom in at the most zoomed in setting to be able to highlight simple things.

I know I can shift to the highlight tool, and then zoom to selection, but that’s several key strokes. and even then, some dots are just too close to the adjacent track.

Just make it easier, somehow, to grab the small dots. There has to be a way.


Add the feature-request tag, please.

Have you tried the Range Selection tool, please?

done. thx.

I meant “range” tool above, not highlight tool.
When you are looking at the arrange window, at some automation, often the dots are just too close to the adjacent track to be able to highlight easily… EVEN IF you’ve zoomed in. There needs to be a couple of extra millimeters of space there to make it just easy enough to highlight stuff.

Plus, and maybe there’s a way to do this already, I’d rather have all the dots always visible rather than only visible when I drag my mouse other them, which I believe is the way it is now.


In the Automation Panel > Settings, you can setup the Reduction Level. So Cubase writes more or less dots while writing the automation. Would this help to you?


No, not exactly. That gives me more or less dots.

The dots themselves are

  • too small
  • not always visible
  • often too close to the adjacent track

Is it possible to open the automation in its own window? Like with MIDI?