Highlighting chord notes on the piano roll keyboard of the Key Editor

I would like the notes of the chords in the Chord Track to highlight on the piano roll keyboard of the Key Editor. Can that be done?

That’s a good question !
I am sorry i can’t help you but i think, if it is possible, that would be pretty amazing. :wink:

Check the color options to the top right of the Key Editor (by default “Velocity”). Change this to Chord Track.

Thx!! notes in the chord are in green, those outside but in the key are in blue. Notes outside the key are red. Brilliant!

See answer in this thread!

If you liked that, you’ll love this:

Use context Variables in the Logical Editor to select notes based on chord and scale intervals intervals.

Action Pane
Context Variable | Position in chord (part) |

Filter Pane
(you can use any actions)


(the gif is just a demo of the feature, not a use case example of course… )