Highlighting musical ideas on a score


I like the way to study my own score with highligting different “musical ideas” in different colors to analyze and impove the structure.
In Sibelius I was saving each musical idea seperately to recall them and also I was able to “paint” my score.
What would be your recommendation applying this on Dorico?

Thanks for your great support.

You can change the color of many items - notes, dynamics, text, etc. - in the bottom Properties panel, but I don’t think there is a way to highlight a section of the score.

@Mehmet_Celebi Are you thinking along the lines of colored notes and text or instead of something more along the lines of a highlighter pen to put a colored rectangular overlay to an entire section of a staff?

Yes, I think a feature for coloring/highlighting staves (à la Sibelius) would be quite welcome, for all kinds of educational or annotational purposes.

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Second option Derrek. Drawing a rectangular overlay to a section of the score as you point out. Thanlks for the clerification.

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