HIGHLY aggravated with Steinberg

So like the subject says, but not only am i aggravated, I’m also extremely dissapointed as a new customer. Besides all the money I have spent on their products, I can’t even get decent tech support. I’ve spent a fortune on steinberg stuff and its now been 6 days that i can’t use anything. I have Cubasis 8 on my Mac and from day of install (6 days ago) I still haven’t been able to open it. I think this no-phone support is a joke, and its because of that, that I can’t get help and WILL NEVER buy another Steinberg product again. I wrote in last week about this issue of not being able to open the program, it took a day for a response, (in which i replied within 30 seconds of receiving it) then had to wait 3 full days for another response because of holiday weekend, THEN, when i did receive another response, it was " What have I done so far"…, I’ve done exactly what you told me to do, it didn’t work, now what? and kindly asked to not have me wait ANOTHER day for a response. Which now it is, so another day without being able to use this, and I wonder what the next reply is going to be. How can the possibly reply once a day during a tech support conversation, and even better, how can they not have phone support, let alone it took me 20 minutes and tons of hacking to even sign into this forum and i still can’t sign into MY STEINBERG.

Sorry for your bad experience.
I don’t know what your problem is, but Steinberg just posted an announcement that they’re having issues with their license servers which might be related?


cubasis is iOS (iPad) - for your mac (OSX) you need cubase, so. . . . .

Yes, I have Cubasis on my iPad and Cubase on My Mac. Am i Missing something?

Have you been able to activate your software? as stated before there e activation server is having some bad days i guess. don’t know what all they are saying is “Technical issues” so that could be anything. unfortunately with the server down and if you haven’t activated your software yet , not much to do but wait. im waiting too, just bought a stein berg audio interface and can’t activate the internal plus ins. As far as there tech support , Ive found more answers here on the forum faster then tech support. its a hell of a lot better then Presonus ill tell ya that. ill help you anyway i can, just cause i know its frustrating.



Nope. Still nothing. Did receive the follow up email stating I can “finally” speak on the phone with them – TOMORROW"— friggen ridiculous. So this is like the 8th day now or something. Have they been having tech difficulties for that long?