Hint for more track pictures and tip for obsolete plugs

If you are looking for more track pictures you might find it useful to check out some of the Logic forums. Here is one:
It is the last of a 25 page forum and if you walk through them you might find something of interest.

If you have problem with CB7 not being able to recognize older plugs you might find that Reaper does. Reaper can be rewired into CB7, thus perhaps giving you access to some of your old favorite plugs. Reaper has a free demo so you do not have to put down money to test if it is applicable for you. If you are non commercial Reaper only costs 60USD.

I can however not understand how a small company like Reaper manages to make a new 64 bit daw that can access older plugs but “biggies” like CB 7 and Logic 9 (and even VEPro) do not.