You made my day!

Just forgot m elicenser AGAIN, 3 days ago. Lost a day of work.

We need more than a hint. where, when, how?

I would love to see this issue gain critical mass. Or at least hear something new and promising from Steinberg. It’s been a long time coming. There are so many practical options. It’d be great to see some of them actually implemented. If I could choose just one thing I didn’t have to tote with me on the road, I think my first pick would be that freaking dongle.


i just wonder how many potential users just pass trying/buying cubendo just because of dongle force !
i’m sure many don’t even bother with the trial versions cuz they have to buy/use a dongle.
for me personally it’s not an issue(yet) but just saying business wise if its better for steinberg :exclamation:

Well… The dongle have made it pretty darn hard to pirate the programs. If I understand it correctly, Cubase 5 was the last versiion to be cracked. The only versions I have heard of since is the basic simplistic ones that doesn’t use the dongle.
So I guess the dongle technology has been succesful for Steinberg.

As long as almost all programs that DON’T have a physical secure dongle are hacked and pirated then I think it is a wise choice, even though it makes the program harder to use in some use cases.

Yes, but everyone else uses iLok.
It works without crashing.
It lets you use the cloud.

Elicenser on the other hand is a Steinberg only thing these days and a crashing bugfest as well.

Not here…
I even have some third-party licenses, too, on the eLicenser and had no problems for years.
Only the software and database should be updated regularly.
And working mainly stationary I don’t have issues using a dongle, anyway.
I know, that is not the case for everybody…

Servus, Big K

Stop running around with laptops trying to work, set your butt down in a proper studio :slight_smile:
Yes I understand that aspect.

However, I have not found elicenser to be problematic apart from a short period a few weeks ago where all issues went away after replacing my ten year old dongle.

I have seen more ilok issues than I have seen elicenser over the years, that is for sure.

Same here…

I am a studio guy myself, but it is a huge thing for touring musicians and educational institutions.
My point is that eLicenser has started to go nuts here. Last week I was waiting for an actor and director for ADR and had to click through over 50(!) error messages and multiple (around 10) Nuendo copy protection warnings until it would finally load. Not so amusing, when you know that the thing has to work in 15 minutes…(I have a second Nuendo license here, though)

It works again with 1-2 crashes for every start now.

When you read that last week was a problem for multiple users on the Cubase forum as well, you start to think…

This! It’s also nice to know that our own investment is protected, too.

Maybe in your world, but there are others, too. :slight_smile:

I know it’s a personal thing but the dongle is just fine here. And no issues at all with the eLicenser software.

Instead of persistent checking of the license, elicenser should check something like every 2 hours of uptime.
I would get my steinberg engineers working on that. Then people could pull the dongle out for 2 hours at a time, and increasing the two hours would only require a quick reinstatiation with the dongle, and then you could take it out for 2 hours again.

For what it’s worth, it’s great that some people are happy with the eLicenser situation and that they are comfortable with the way things are working.

But for those of us for whom it’s a problem (and it’s clear that there is a significant number of us out there) it IS a significant issue, regardless of those for whom it’s not. Nuendo is what we use. For those of us who use it in a mobile context the dongle is not merely a pain in the butt, but also a linchpin that could actually torpedo a gig.

Nobody’s asking anybody not to use their dongle if they’re comfortable with it. But there ought to be safe, secure options for those of us who find it problematic on a practical level.

Again, it’s awesome that there are people for whom the dongle works comfortably and without issue. And, respectfully, this conversation isn’t really for them. This is a real and significant issue for the mobile recordists, location-based composers, sound designers and editors, people who work in difficult and unpredictable physical environments and more. In my own case, I spend about half my editing time in hotel rooms and backstage areas. Those of us who don’t always have static workplaces like using Nuendo as much as the studio guys (I’m not going to switch or threaten to switch to other software in any case-- I love Nuendo and Cubase, and I’ll live with the inconvenience of the weak link if I have to), but I strongly believe we deserve tangible consideration in regards to this problem.

Timo suggested that SB is working on alternatives, and it would be GREAT to hear if there’s progress in that department. How about it, Steinberg amigos?


Fair enough Chewy…

Nuendo 10 hasn’t been out that long and it’s already at least the third thread on the topic though, off the top of my head. And that doesn’t include mentions of it in other threads. Know what I mean?

I know what you mean. Couldn’t help myself. Again. :wink:


I have VEP, Nexus and other licenses on several different eLicensers along with the SB stuff and have had zero issues in the last 15 years. Just pay attention to updating the database when you update/upgrade software.

ILok has been cracked and badly. Many PT users avoiding upgrading for years at one point because a large amount of users were running iLok cracked plugins. You guys remember that, right? Lost $$$ for Avid and plugin developers.

Personally, I’ve had more trouble with iLok than I’ve ever had with eLicenser. That’s my experience.

Quote Chewy:
For what it’s worth, it’s great that some people are happy with the eLicenser situation and that they are comfortable with the way things are working.
…Again, it’s awesome that there are people for whom the dongle works comfortably and without issue.
And, respectfully, this conversation isn’t really for them.

Fully acknowledged… Your problem is a grave one, not applying to stationary users so much.
But i hope, you don’t mind, if we all put our experiences as to dongles on record, too.
I would be happy for ya, if SB releases a non-dongle solution, but as things are, I rather stick to the
eLicenser and don’t rely on any internet connections, or what ever they might come up with that requires
anything more than stickin’ it in… lol … That is a result of my personal experiences with that matter.
Servus, Big K