Hint on how to record instruments and vocals

Jp? :open_mouth:

JP22 on auto translate? :open_mouth:

I’ll get the popcorn! :sunglasses:

To quote our good friend Dave … “trash preferences and reboot.”

Compression is key :laughing:

That only works by the efficacious application of equalization to restore lost dynamics. My good friends at the Scyntrillian Sound Lab attest to this fact.

You had me at “Hint”. My eyes were crossed for the rest, meanwhile, my dog got a hold of my leg.

I’d love to see this posted in the gearslutz or womb forums.

I don’t even OWN a tube amp . Dave’s not here .

+1… this should be a feature request. Just wish I thunk it.

Regards :sunglasses:

For your reference… http://recording.org/threads/expert-sugguestions-on-an-advanced-guitar-recording-setup.21776/

Oh man, just read that jp22 thread from start to finish. So funny and at the same time so sad :slight_smile:

My back can’t handle a tube amp anymore.

You just need an EQ to put back in the dynamics :slight_smile:

Hard to beat that one for ying/yang! Its worth a good read at least once per year, clears the cache of flawed perspectives eh! Classic stuff. :mrgreen:

Right on… :smiley: and you didn’t compromise your trade secrets getting there. :sunglasses: Strange paradox based on your topic title though. Just sayin’ :wink:

Is there a link to give us a taste of the finished product? Soundbytes et?


is that it?

If so, that was jarring. More compression needed, or fire the string section.

remove everything below 19KHz

I disagree, but I like a good fader job, that feathers my envelope.

I was a little disappointed given all the discussion of compression and eq that the piece was somewhat abrupt. And while I appreciate minimalism in composition, it lacks what I would call symphonic attributes… despite the title “classical cubase 8 symphony”. However, I applaud the effort. Even if my leg does feel pulled somewhat… :smiley:

No matter how big the orchestral section your writing will be, you should still be able to hear the technique you wrote about in what you posted.

Try returning to that same piece and mix it more deeply.