Hints for dspMixFx for Mac

Dear Steinberg,

I’m enjoying my UR824 so much, that I’m tempted to purchase a second one to have a 16-channel interface with my analog mixer. Software support for Mac is robust, with no issues in using it with Logic.

However, I’ve some minor hints for improving some details in the software console, that is doing its work, but in my view has some minor flaws.

  1. Those gray elements (top bar, scrollbar) coming right from Windows are very unpleasant to the eye, and out of the general style of the Mac GUI. Is there any chance to replace them with standard elements of the Mac interface? This would also make the scrollbar disappear when not in use, giving the console a stylish look.

  2. The scrollbar scrolls one channel at a time, even when clicking in the empty portion of the bar and not on an arrow. This makes very slow scrolling through the channels, and is not the expected behaviour for any user interface. May you fix this issue, and make the channel scroll at larger steps when the scrollbar is clicked?

  3. The meter page still requires scrolling. Is there any way of make all channel faders fit in a single screen, to control the whole situation (as in the meters) without having to scroll?

  4. Being able to copy a Mix on the others would be nice, to start sub-mixing from a similar situation.

  5. The name of the app must have been thought by a mad scientist in one of his blue days! :slight_smile:
    What about renaming it something like - excuse me if I sound obvious - “UR824 Console”, “UR824 Mixer” or “UR824 Mixing Console”?

Thank you, and keep the great work going!

Best regards,