hip hop producers on cubase

ive been digging thru the web trying to find a solid list on who’s using cubase. ive seen steinberg’s artist list but it seems they’ve got almost every genre except hip hop (with a few exceptions). figured we could get a list started on this thread so any insight would be great.

What is “hip hop”?

I’m being serious.

And why does it matter?

you having a bad day or something? no need to be sarcastic and condescending i was just asking a question. hip hop is a genre of music that you can rap over. a lot of people call it rap. same concept. and it matters because i am curious and would like to know who uses the same DAW as i do within the genre i make music for.

Nothing wrong with Hip Hop at all !! ?? There is a lot to be learnt from the recording techniques used by such engineers.

i have watched quite a lot of interview/instructional videos on You Tube and there are lots within the Hip Hop idiom. Many Hip Hop engineers use Cubase but i would say (out of the videos i have seen) that an equal amount use Logic. It seems to me that greatly far less use Pro Tools.

Seige; you shouldn’t take every response or responder here seriously. Even though this is the official Cubase forum, Steinberg has done nothing to create a open atmosphere or build a community reflective of its spectrum of users over the years, unlike Native Instruments , Spectrasonics and others.

You’d likely get a better response at Gearslutz regarding hip hop producers using Cubase. I only know that Timbaland was a user as recent as 3 years ago ,but he’s more r&b. I think hip hop purists doing sample based music gravitate to Abelton or FL Studio since recording audio apart from vocals isn’t an issue.

Steinberg seems to have taken it and electronica to heart lately… Loop mash, Sequel, DJ Filter, beat libraries, etc… targeted marketing… etc.

Its not my cup of tea, but I’ve worked with producers as far back as the 80s who had “hip hop sensibilities” and I most certainly respect them.

Music is like food, something for everyone, but it may not taste great to all. :sunglasses:

Yes, it was a bad day. Thanks for the concern.

I wasn’t being sarcastic or condescending. I was just trying to figure out what you consider to be hip hop. It’s one of those terms which I have never really understood. I’m not a big fan of musical categorization and have plenty of music in my collection that may or may not be hip hop. I guess I’ve always just called it rap. Maybe I should keep up more with modern times and terminology.

I can understand your curiosity. Sorry if you took my comments/questions the wrong way.

Reminds me of when I was a kid and the Beatles were playing on my record player, followed by the Stones. I always was told to turn it down or turn it off.

It wasn’t Perry Como or Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra…

The Blues Brothers Movie: " what of music do you usually have here, ma’am ? "
" oh! , we have both kinds of music…country AND western ! "

So now we have evolved and created hip hop…taste is taste, I guess it just matters whose tongue your using (yuk) :open_mouth:

I’m no hip hop specialist but what little I have done was easier on Ableton and other pattern based sequencers. Cubase can be an amazing Swiss Army Knife for composers, but if you only want to pick your teeth much of it, I think, is not needed.

The thing is, if you want to make “music to rap over” it can be almost anything. Hell, some of the best “rap” I have ever heard was nothing more than a poet improvising over a jazz drummer and upright bassist.

Are you looking to gain knowledge from others who have similar musical interests, or are you just wondering who else uses Cubase in the same fashion as you do?

It’s a pretty wide ranging subject. One that could have many different answers/opinions depending on what exactly is being produced. Electronic only, acoustic/direct/live instruments and actual singing included? There are so many variables possible it makes it hard to say “I’m a hip hop producer”.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this other than … use the tools that work best for you to accomplish the goals you are out to achieve. Some folks even use more than one DAW software :astonished: .

Don’t limit your creativity by comparing yourself to others or even caring about what they use to do their thing.

Even if you knew “Joe Blow” used Cubase (not to be confused with Kurtis Blow :slight_smile: ) I’m not sure what the benefit of that knowledge would be.

I’m probably not making you any more of a friend of mine judging by the way you responded to my initial post, but I just thought I’d throw a few more ideas out there for people to chew on.

A true ol’ skool rap lover,
Scott :sunglasses: