hipoint slice shortens audio file

Hello All

I have just upgraded to C6 from C4 and i keep having this problem that when i open an audio file to use the hitpoint and slice features the audio file is shortened.

the first time i had recorded the part and it had a different default tempo and i thought it was just a user error on my part because as soon as I corrected the tempo in the pool and redid the edits all was fine. but this time i have a bass part that i want to do some audio editing to and it was recorded at the project tempo as a vsti/midi part and bounced to audio ( the part in the pool shows the same as project tempo ) . I have manually edited all my hitpoints to where i simply want to slice the pieces and when i select slice the part has shortened to 15bars 1 beat from 24 bars.

I will review the manual again but why would cubase do this ? any tips or info most appreciated.

I am on 6.05.357, mbpr c2 duo 2.5 / 5 g ram 10.6.8


Ok so i just figured out that the audio file i thought was the main recording of this part was not - there were 2 files but one had the correct project tempo and the other did not! both were done as one bounce and i simply hit record and the loop feature was on, looping around the selected midi parts (which was the complete take of that section) . but why would cubase assign 1 tempo for 1 part and a 2nd for the other part ( and unrelated tempos)? im baffled