Hired Help Needed, Cubase 12, New Computer = Mess

To many things to list, I’d rather just hire someone via Zoom that really knows computers and pay you to walk me through my issues. Faster and I’ll learn instantly how to solve this from happening again.

New Windows 11 Computer
New Cubase 12
Trying to use old gear, Mytek 8x192 Firewire etc

Now my long time and solid computer with Cubase SX3 has choppy audio (swapped back firewire and audio 1/8 connectors) and I can’t even use that computer to record. WTF

I’ve been a Cubase SX3 user since 2008 but I don’t know about computers, setting up things and just upgraded to C12 thinking I’ll come into the new age with a new computer etc and its exactly what I thought, a mess.


First question would be how are you connecting your fw interface? I take it you have a fw card as no new motherboards have onboard fw. Also fw is not officially supported by win 11 but it may work. I know on my 2nd pc on win 10 the onboard fw is working. If you do have a fw adapter is it showing up? You may have to run it in legacy mode if available in win 11.

Without the fw it would probably be quite simple to sort out your computer but that may be the thing that makes it a bit more complicated.

Thanks for your reply and explanation, makes sense.

I’m connecting the Mytek with firewire to firewire card they installed on my new computer.

I don’t know how to check to see if the firewire card is connected in the computer and seeing it but I’m sure I’ll learn that soon.

Hearing Windows 10 works is unreal, of course my fears of updates is exactly this scenario, my old poop doesn’t work in the newest versions and who knows if it’ll eventually work.

Don’t know what legacy mode is but maybe that’s a solution.

Mytek can’t find and I can’t find the USB 2.0 card to make this easier. This is the best solution if they’d locate one since online they’re gone.


What country are you in? I could probably help with some bits. I don’t know the Mytek but it looks like it was quite a respected and expensive interface. Being able to source the usb card might be useful.
Have the drivers installed correctly etc?


I believe they’re installed correctly as I’m getting this message in pic.

I found this on the Microsoft website…

“I just install Windows 11 build 22000.51. I use a PCI Firewire card (VIA using legacy driver) to connect my M-Audio Projectmix I/O (using driver for Windows 7), and everything works well, just like it works on Windows 10.”

What does etc mean? Hopefully it means USB. otherwise this:

Doesn’t compute – What USB card?? Aren’t you using the FW card?

Found this link online about Windows 11 and firewire.

It literally says in my post, I’m using a Mytek with firewire.

Mytek used to offer a USB 2.0 card, they no longer do, this would be my solution if available. They don’t make them, they can’t get one and they can’t help me find one. I’m stuck with firewire for now with my Mytek interface.

Oh, I see.

I would presume the problem is that the FW card in your system is not working properly – maybe a driver update will help? Or you will have to find an older driver that does, as stated in the page you linked to .

Can you find the card in the Windows Device Manger?

From the screenshot it doesn’t look like the card is recognised. I would have thought whoever built the pc would have put the correct fw drivers on. You need to go to device manager. In win 11 type control panel in search and then when you open it go to device manager. You may be able to search directly for device manager but I’m not in front of my pc to check.

See if there is a question mark next to a device. This usually means it’s not recognised. If not and you can see the fw device then you can go in and change to legacy driver. I haven’t done this in a long time so can’t remember where. Try a google search

This is what it currently says, here’s what i bought.

Thanks guys, appreciate the help.

When installing the mytek driver was there an error? Have you tried installing with admin rights?

It says the driver is functioning well in that other general tab message box.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, both times same problem. I don’t think this computer has a separate log in and I’m the admin at all times.

Right click in the installer and install as admin. It’s not to do with it being ad admin account

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