HIRING - Session Prep Assistant

Job description

Qualifications: 2+ years experience working with digital audio; working knowledge of recording software (Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic), session organization, signal flow, and mixing techniques; working knowledge of iZotope RX; strong time-management and organizational skills; attention to detail; excellent critical listening skills. Must have access to Cubase 9.5.3 Pro, Sound Radix Auto-Align, and iZotope RX. Pro Tools and Logic are a plus.

Job Description: The assistant audio engineer is an hourly contractor who will be responsible for preparing sessions for mixing, including but not limited to: labeling, organizing, and color coding sessions; routing channels in mixer to busses; gain staging; removing noises and silences; cleaning up edits and crossfades; ensuring phase coherence; and detailed pitch editing. Experience in Cubase is not essential if the assistant audio engineer has access to it and can quickly and willingly learn it.

Responsibilities: The Assistant Audio Engineer responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
-Preparing sessions in Cubase following session organization template
-Exporting audio from Pro Tools and Logic for use in Cubase
-Using Sound Radix Auto-Align to ensure phase coherence on multi-mic’ed sources
-Using iZotope RX to remove or minimize mouth/lip noises from singers and noise floor from electric sources
-Routing all audio to busses and sub-busses to create an organized mixer layout and signal flow
-Quickly establishing balances and panning with proper gain staging to ensure appropriate headroom at the master buss and a stylistically appropriate rough mix

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to employment@jakebirch.com

I’ll take it if you pay $5 an hour. I have 30 years experience.