Histogram help in manual

I’m trying to use the Histogram for the first time, but nowhere in the manual does it seem to appear. I tried entering ‘histogram’ in the v.4.3 WebHelp - No results. I downloaded the most recent manual and searched for histogram and again, nothing. I did find it referenced in part of a John Barron video about the iPad version, and I’m sure it appeared in one of Anthony’s video tutorials too, but a section in the manual showing what all the different options are would be nice…unless it’s there and I just haven’t found it yet.

Try looking in the Dorico 4 Version History sent with the program download (p.22-23)

It would be nice indeed, and it will be there as soon as possible – apologies that it’s not there just yet. My developer colleagues are pretty furious pace-setters, and running never was my forte at school.

Derrek’s advice is gold, you should definitely download a copy of the 4.3 Version History – Daniel has written a thorough coverage of the Key Editor throughout its 4.x changes, with lots of detailed explanations.

If anything’s unclear, just come back here and ask away :slight_smile:

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Yes, thank you Lillie and Derrek…The version history is great…I guess I thought this feature had been around long enough to certainly be already in the manual, but now I’m thinking it came with Dorico 4, and because of the whole rebuild of this area of the program, that’s why it hasn’t appeared there yet…Well, It’s been a long year, but it was worth the wait! Thanks again.

It has indeed – the Dorico 4’s Version History is enormous! With a correspondingly large number of additions and changes in the manual. The Key Editor’s documentation is coming though!