History In Mixer Issue

Hello everyone,

I really enjoy the new feature on the mixer meaning the “history” or the “undo redo” button on the left side of it!
So far so good…

But the problem I had to deal this morning was that,if for some reason the undo button is hidden and then you go in the mixer history section,the first think (that I did,I don’t know about you guys) is to press the first “Action” to Undo the thing that you want to erase - undo etc etc.
Unfortunately this first “Action” actually is not the last thing that you did but the very first think that you done since you open’t the project or what ever (I know the “steps” are labelled but I was in a hurry !).
This is so annoying because first…you can’t undo this,meaning you lost all your mixer work and second…to me is more efficient not to scroll down to see the last think that you did… :nerd:
I mean you open the history for a specific reason which is to undo,I don’t get why the very first think you see is has to be the exact opposite.

Am I missing something ?
Feels like an up side down thing to you also ?
Does anyone so far had to deal with this ?

Thanxs in advanced !