History of last file lost

I installed the 5.1.3 update and when I launched it it ask me for re-activation:

ok no problem but when I restart Dorico all my recent files and thumbnails are gone and set to default:

Does it exit a backup? that I can restore?
The precedent update did exactly the same things so what is the name of the file where are written these information so next time I will do a manual backup before to update

Installing a minor Dorico maintenance release won’t interfere with your existing license or any of the user-specific data like your list of recent projects, preferences, or other settings. Have you perhaps inadvertently switched to a different user account on your computer?

Hi Thanks for the quick answer:
No I don’t think cause I have only one account in my computer ! I so just update …the steinberg download assistant update also and install what was proposed.
your answer caught my attention so I just tried to launch the steinberg activation manager to look at it, but it don’t want to launch??!!
I restart my computer and check again with the SDA and I see that it is actived on my two computer as usual and dated of end 2023 so a little stange?! perhaps VPN was activated and have influence?

Surely, at worst, you’ve just lost the Recent files list from Dorico itself. Your files are still on your disk, in the place where you saved them. Aren’t they?

Thank you for making me want to look deeper.
the file is recentFileList.xml here in windows:
C:\Users\nameuser\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 5\recentFileList.xml
but the date is today nothing can be recover:

not very serious but I will make some backups in the future to be sure
Thanks for your help