History Panel - how to go back to tweak sthg


I have 3 questions about the History Panel:

  1. when editing a lot, there is a good chance you have tons of history and the screen only displays say around 15 of them, the previous one go to the ‘archive’ folder. How can I go further back to undo sthg done that is now in the archive?
    2.Let’s say you have done 10 ‘edits’, how do you go back to undo say your 4th edit, without undo the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 !? doesn’t seem to be possible.
    3.same kind of idea, how do you go back to step 4, say it’s a voice denoise, but just to change the settings, like the sensitivity?

This time i checked the manual first, before posting here, couldn’t find the answers in the history panel section (page 28)

  1. You can increase the number of history actions in Edit > Preferences > System > Maximum History Actions. SpectraLayers Pro allows up to 64 undo.

  2. The history of actions is linear : you can’t undo the 4th edit without undoing 5/6/7/8/9/10 (linear history is pretty standard in most applications though).

  3. The history retains the audio modifications (how the spectral samples were modified), not the process parameters themselves. However you can undo Voice Denoiser, and then call it again (Process > Voice Denoiser) and apply different settings.

Hi Robin,
Thanks for jumping into this one.

  1. got it. I understand I can increase the number of actions that stays in there (like in caching), but what means the Archive? Is there a way to unzip it and go back to what was before the 64 max, say the 81? Or above 64 it’s lost / in the thrash.
  2. Yes it is common indeed. But I’d love to have the option to go to a previous action, modify it or even remove it, without having to do all that comes after again, if that make sense.
    3.Right, very interesting, so the settings are not saved, it’s applied to the audio and i can never go back to it. Right, so knowing this ‘Preview’ feature becomes paramount! to make sure you apply the right setting.

I’d love to have the audio repair processing tool manageable via the layers! (and actually see visually the before and after with mute and solo button).

  1. Also, I’m a little bit confused how the history works when you have several layers / audio tracks. Are the edits done & processed on all existing layers or only the one selected or on solo mode? It seems the history is linked to the project, not to the layers. But then I wonder how do you manage your edits when using SL in cubase, as it doesn’t seem to have a way to have several projects in this context.

Again, it’s a spontaneous end-user feedback, no idea what’s going on under the hood and what’s possible or not technically of course.

Thanks man.

  1. Archive is the very first action when you load a project which already has ARA assigned : SL then loads the previous modifications from the “Archive”. But Archive does not contain more undo levels. Above 64 actions, the older actions are removed to save space.

  2. Request duly noted; it may not work in all scenarios, but technically some older actions could indeed be removed without affecting the next ones. That would be a SL8 feature though.

  3. Yes it’s a project history. In Cubase each clip you assign to SL becomes part of that project. Adding or removing clips to/from SL does not affect SL’s history, as Cubase is in control here (so it’s Cubase’s history). SL’s history records modifications you do to those clips, or if you add or remove internal SL layers.