History window in Cubase 8 won't focus?

Before I turn this into the “issues” forum I wanted some confirmation.

Basically, the C8 history window won’t focus. In C7 you could assign a key command for the history window, then open the history window with the key command and it would automatically have focus. Then you could use the up/down arrows and make your changes.

But with C8 the only way to get focus is mouse clicking on the history window, then more mouse clicking up/down. Ctr+tab won’t work either.

I often feel like I’m the only person who uses this window, and have begged for years to have a KC to close it. (other than ctr+w which is a poor solution.)

But now in C8, unless I’m missing the big picture, the history window has been made more crippled probably due to the C8 windows?

That’s what the Issues Reports forum is for. You post your recipe and others, or SB staff, will try to confirm it.

Anyway, you’re right about something being amiss. I don’t think it’s focus, but that the arrow keys no longer work. If you use your key commands for undo and redo, do they work?

Okay I will post it in the issues when I get a chance.

The arrow keys no longer work. Key commands for undo and redo work correctly.

While it may not be a focus issue, in all prior versions you could open the history window, then without even clicking on the history window, you could use the arrow keys. So to me it seems like the history window had focus once opened. The key command substitute for closing the history window is Ctr+W, as long as you don’t click on another window first. :laughing: