'Hit & Mix' anyone..?

Hmmm… fancy, shiny graphics… :slight_smile:

More competition for Melodyne; more choice for all you remixers out there…!!


It looks shiny indeed, but I wonder how much it can really do apart from extracting a piano roll from an mp3.

I’m not sure I said it could NEVER be done. Back in the day it would be damn difficult. Humans can do it though so not impossible.

I was just about to post this too as It was just on the ZBC News. uma beat me to it. :slight_smile:

If it works I think it’s marvellous.

I notice the demonstrator was careful not to play back a solo instance of the drums or bass or even the strings. Only the beep which was at a high enough frequency that it could fairly easily be seperated. Can’t tell at all of this process yields a clean extrated bassline or clean drums. Since they didn’t bother to play examples of them I’m guessing they aren’t but have a lot of articfacts from surrounding frequencies. May be useful where clean audio isn’t important

They do have a demo: http://www.hitnmix.com/downloads.htm
mp3 ok for 30 days and no exports.

Forget this for serious use guys - I downloaded and installed the free version earlier today, and the individual ‘stems’ sound dreadful.

It’s a toy - certainly not worth £80 for the ‘full’ version.

I can imagine. The software has to make a decision as to which element of the music a particular sine wave belongs to.

It’s a testament to our brains that we can hear which sine wave belongs to which element, but obviously we can’t extract the element.

I would imagine such a device needs some artificial intelligence. Maybe in 10 years it’ll do it better