Hitpoint Beat Detection Enhancement

I jumped from Cubase 6 to Cubase 8… Ahhhhhhhhh!!! It runs so very well (ok, my new workstation is a monster, but still, very nice indeed!), and deep diving into features has had only positive outcomes… except one! I would find it very useful to have 1/1 and 1/2 beats as well as the traditional 1/4, etc… The majority of drummers I work with have terrific time, and while it’s rare, I sometimes need to tighten things up very slightly… I know, even using 1/4, it really only takes 5 minutes to snug things up, but only because the majority of that time is spent removing hitpoints; I know it’s a trivial change, but I would appreciate it very much. Thank you, and great job on a solid product!

I went from 6 to 8 also!! but I’ve been experiencing a lot of bugs, so I guess we don’t share the same experience? haha

I’m trying to figure out if you have a cool suggestion, but I can’t figure out exactly what your suggestion is?

I’ve been experiencing a lot of bugs, so I guess we don’t share the same experience? haha

Hi! I guess I’ve gotten off really light then (for a change)! I had some crashes opening very old projects (which is rare, but it does happen), but for the most part, I knew how to handle the situation, so there you go… I’m running it 64 bit on a pretty rockin’ workstation with a new 9652 card and, if not mixing through the console, most of my 2bus processing is outboard (although I find myself using itb more and more), very, very few issues.

So, to answer your question, as specifically as possible, when one opens a live performance drum wav from the project window, let’s say, for example, a kick drum track, and you apply hit points to it, and adjust the threshold; you have the option of filtering out hit points with the ‘Beats’ menu, by filtering said hitpoints by quarter notes (1/4), eighth notes (1/8), sixteenths (1/16), and thirty-second (1/32) notes. It’s very rare I have to get that surgical, and I really find that just tightening things by whole notes (1/1) or half notes (1/2) is all it really needs, if that. And even then, it’s usually whole notes for the kick and half notes for the snare, depending on the song, etc…

So, a trivial enhancement, but would improve my workflow.