Hitpoint button gone, can't draw in my own hitpoints.

Hello, and let me apologize if this has been covered before. I couldn’t find my issue in the search.

I have Cubase 7 elements. I am trying to make slices on a sample in the Sample Editor. To the left, there is a button marked “Hitpoints”. However this only allows me to make hitpoints that it designates. I am looking to draw in my own slices. When I try to draw my own, I get a dialogue box saying “Please zoom to a resolution that is lower than 1”. When I do this, the waveform is so enlarged as to make slicing useless.

To top this all off, I completely screwed myself by hiding the hitpoints menu. I have scoured the program and have no idea how to unhide this.

I started out being really psyched that I could chop a beat and throw it into the drum editor, but it didn’t work at all like the Youtube tutorial. Now I’ve gone from being psyched to just frustrated.

Thank you all for any help and taking the time to read this.