Hitpoint Changes?!

I have been using Cubase and triggering for years. Open an audio file, quickly adjust thresh, create midi track right on to EZ Drummer.
NOW-SUDDENLY-ALL OF THE SUDDEN- The hotpoint screen is different. There are too many hit points, they aren’t lined up correctly, the whole track doesn’t midi-copy down, just a little slice until i somehow click out, then range-select the whole thing… WTF. Is this me imagining this or what? It used to be so simple, and now it seems all jacked up. PLEASE can someone explain. I though maybe I tweaked some kind of setting- I WANNA SMASH EVERYTHING!
LOLOLOL I did a quck re-trigger of a pop-punk thing today. Should have taken 30 mins…too almost 2 hours to tweak every little stupid a@@ fill.
RANT OVER. Please mock me, then tell me what the frick is up///

This post is kinda hard to understand. Could you explain what you tried to do step by step?

The hitpoint detection has changed very little since 7.5. If they changed anything it was just to help with edge cases and false positives, and it shouldn’t be giving you drastically different results. Most of the time you should be getting the same or almost the same results as 7.5.

Try running Cubase in Safe Mode and then importing the same file. Safe Mode makes Cubase temporarily use the default settings.