Hitpoint detection broken.

Confirmed! Because of this I’m back to 9.5…

Yes, hitpoint detection is now a BROKEN MESS. I have to edit nearly EVERY SINGLE HIT now. This is absolutely KILLING me. I record a lot of metal, thus dense drum parts… 9.5 worked pretty well. What in the HELL happened with 10? Why on earth would it be WORSE?? Just go back to the old algorithm!!

So yeah, this MUST be fixed REALLY soon. This is ridiculous.

Same here


How can something like that be not realized by betatesters? It took me 5 minutes in C 10 step over this issue.


+1 for broken hitpoint detection. I should NOT have moved to C10 so quickly. I am spending FAR longer editing hitpoints than ever before.

This should be priority #1 for Steinberg. This is a DEAL BREAKER. This makes me want to start seriously looking at other DAW software.

For context, I’ve been using Cubase almost exclusively since 1998.

Since I can not use 9.5 on my new setup based on 16 Cores I am using C10 for recording but I will open the projects in 9.5 for hitpoint Generation then save as then continue editing in 10. since I use hitpoints only for drum editing this will work for me. I still can not understand how this can be happen to be broken and not realized before the release.

Can’t understand especially since improved hitpoint detection is a advertised feature for C10. Sooooo, time to fix it!

Steinberg, please fix this ASAP. I paid for this update expecting that it wouldn’t be broken. Direct offline processing and hitpoint detection have serious issues. They are basically broken. Instead of upgrading, I’m thinking that I probably should have just invested in a different DAW…

Same problem here, especially on kick drums (see attachment), where it misses the first transient.

THis new “improved” detection is a disaster. Almost every single detection hit is off.

This should really get fixed asap.

Maybe an acknowledgement by steinberg would be useful,m

Or a generell statement to this disastrous issue!
Come on Steinberg!

Greetz Shanahan

This is the most urgent thing to fix every… Maybe since these broken X-Fades in the 2003-2004 era. Back those days it was not possible to use x-fades (manual & auto) because each of them made “pop” in their beginning. This made even simple recording situations impossible. It took almost a year till this was fixed. I had to use Nuendo 1.5 all the time for editing/rendering files because here “fade files” were used, in V2 (and Cubase SX) real-time fades were used (new feature). Now I am bound to Cubase 9.5 for drum editing - which gives me nice POPS on my 16 core machine because C9.5 is not working anymore on that new system (or I would have to disable some cores). Nice!

PLEASE fix this ASAP!

Btw: When using these new Vocaling Features (which are using hitpoints) - this is not working, mostly these phrases were I tried it were completely out of sync after. Really out of sync. I don’t care because I am able to manual edit but for drumediting the hitpoints are a basic thing to have. Maybe some users (for instance composer etc) will not struggle with this issue but dudes wo record/edit real bands (esp in the metal context) are seriously affected.

For the warp marker clicks and pops issue (in v 8) i took them over a year to just ackowledge the issue and it was slved in the next paid version so im not holding my breath for this one. Drum editing that was fairly simple and quick task now takes ages because almost every single hitpoint is off. I really dont know wht the beta team is doing but they are certainly not looking for bugs, beacuse too many get past them.

Yes also autoalign is not very functional (maybe its beacuse it relies on hitpoints)

I have been with Cubase for a long time but im getting realy sick and tired of spending more time solving problems than actual recording and using the software.

I am doing drum editing in C10 atm - I am just opening the Projekt in 9.5, generate hitpoints - save - open in C10 an edit there. Is works quite good - still this is a nasty issue and the workaround is not that nice because you never know if some setting will be lost wenn a Projekt isvsaced in an old version of Cubase

Thanks for the workaround, but:

-10 :cry: :blush:

Please put this on the fast track for repair. TY

I’m also finding Cubase 10’s hitpoint detection to be worse than 9.5 (and previous versions) when using with drums.

Found only this so far:

“There are a lot of improvements for C10 to come.”