Hitpoint detection in v11

Hello everybody,

I got commissioned to build a studio for which I am currently evaluating different DAWs. I’ve been using Nuendo on Windows up until v10 before walking away from it.

My biggest concern in this context is hitpoint detection, which used to be abysmal.

Can you please comment on whether this has been addressed in the meantime, as well as share you general observations in terms of the software’s reliability (e.g. bugs), specifically on Mac.

Thank you very much


Is this studio going to be a commercial (open to the public) studio?

If so, you need to research what the clientele will prefer to use in the studio, as opposed to your personal preferences. As well as the studio owner / operator / engineers who will be using the studio most of the time. What do they need? What do they currently use?

Now as to reliability on a Mac, I have nuendo 11 on a mac laptop, and will be upgrading to that new Apple Studio computer soon enough.

It is quite stable.

Hardware is Focusrite RedNet2, Dante drivers (latest). Nuendo 11.0.41.

Hi @lordExtra

Unfortunately, it still is abysmal. It appears to be completely random to be honest. If all the planets in the solar system align - it works, but for the most part it’s crippled. I am amazed it’s even included as a feature, because it clearly doesn’t work.

It’s not abysmal. I use it all the time on drums and bass with fantastic results. The phase accurate quantize/time stretching on mutichannel sources is a lifesaver.

Sure, like anything there are some refinements that I would appreciate.