Hitpoint detection?

Very obvious hitpoints in some audio files dont get detected.

Any idea what causes this?

I basically always clear then re-detect hitpoints due to other strange bugs…but cant seem to figure out how to fix this one?

It is broken, or has really newer worked as it should.

WHY Steinberg WHY???

Using Cubase 9 is like total blue balls.
So good, just not yet quite there

Hitpoint detection can be hit or miss (cough) depending on the material, but I’ve not seen it fail like this.

Try rendering a hi-passed and/or lowpassed version of this track and see if hitpoint detection works any better, just as a test.

It’s definitely often not as good in Cubase compared to others I’ve used, but as romantique said, I’ve never seen it that bad.

“Like total blue balls.” Ha! That’s actually a great description of what Cubase can sometimes feel like. :slight_smile:

I would be happy if there was a option for setting hitpoints on visual peaks.
No fancy algorithm involved just put a hitpoint where there are visual peaks and let me decide what I want to keep.

Hi digi001,
may I ask you to upload the corresponding file to this thread, or send it to me via PM. The part shown in the picture would probably be sufficient.


Sure I will PM you.

To clarify…it actually was Cubase 8.5.
(I am mixing a project for a friend and he still was using some 32 bit virtual instruments.)

The clip is of an analog synth. So it does have a tiny bit of background noise and the synth does have a smooth string-like attack.

I wasn’t able to figure out how to PM you…so here it is.

Thanks for the file.

On the right hand side of each porst there is a little contact label with three dots. If you click on them you’ll get to the ‘Send personal Message’ window.


But, as you might notice, your posts don’t have that ‘contact’ label with the three dots… :wink:

That’s absolutely true.
I fixed that in the settings.