Hitpoint issue: Fast parts = Errors

Well, though the Hitpoints improved grately lately they are still not perfect.

I have a lot of errors when dealing with fast music. Even when using a perfect audio-signal - for example a piezo-trigger, which basically just generates some kind of short “chick” without much bleed.

I do not have the screenshots here ATM I will upload them later, but the hitpoints are often/ sometimes missing the hit and they will be “between” two hits, at a place were nothing is. Not even bleed. So it is not caused by artefacts. I am writing that because the first response will recommend me to rise the threshold to disable misstriggers caused by bleed. :wink:

Well, I am sure 95% of the users will not have seen this bevore - and no need to tell me to use better drummers - because this usually only happens in faster double-kick passages and even the best drummers in the world can benefit from some editing here. For example 220 bpm constant 16ths via 16 bars or something like that. No, that is not Jazz. I was not able to use Hitpoints at 260 or 280 bpm. This was only generating errors. I used Drumagog in live mode to generate midi, I quantized/edited the midi instead of the audio.

But this kind of music has the most benefit of that hitpoint-editing because it took me hours to edit those double-kick parts manually - now it needs just minutes. Well, it is not the biggest deal to manually check the hitpoints and move them by hand if they are lost/missing/wrong - but maybe there is a way to improve the thing. Because the hitpoints itself are working quite good.

BTW here are some screendumps. As you can see - some hitpoints are missplaced, some are missing. Tempo is 220 bpm, tempotrack is programmed using 1/4 metrum - so we are dealing with 16ths here, played not very tight. Maybe using another drummer? Canceling the 3 weeks session which was booked half a year in advance, searching 6 months for a better dude (who will need basically the same type of editing though), waiting another 6 months till he is able to play the stuff? Let the band pay for the downtime? Sorry, I just can not resist here ;–))))

Well, as I said - this is not a big deal, but maybe some more options for fast stuff could be added…

Can you post a short snippet of audio please where the mis-triggers happen.

I will post snippets tomorrow - will not be difficult to find some :slight_smile:

Haha, I always read “Fart Parts” …