Hitpoints and MIDI events


I have read and watched videos about hitpoints and audio stretching. But is there any way to adjust a tempo track based on MIDI events? For example: the song is based on the main piano track which I don’t want to record using metronome. I want to play it and keep slight tempo deviations to retain its expression. Then I want to add other tracks, such as bass and drums, but I want to establish a tempo track first so I can then synchronize drums plug-in with it.

I can’t find any way of achieving tempo track adjustment based on MIDI, so I could set hitpoints based on certain MIDI notes. Can this be achieved? Or should I record an audio track from a MIDI track and then set hitpoints there?

Thanks in advance

You can use the Time Warp Tool to make a tempo map that follows the midi’s varying tempo.

You will need to put the track/s into linear time base, then select the warp tool and warp the grid to the relevant midi events.

Look up The Time Warp Tool in the manual for more detail.

P.S it’s a silly name, it should really be called the tempo warp tool but for some reason it’s not!!!

Thanks a lot! I overlooked this feature completely. Looks like this will solve my problem.