hitpoints detection 2020 = still the worst


it’s 2020, years and years everybody complains about hitpoint detection and still it never works.
i just… i just don’t understand how protools had this working since the 90’s ! dam last century ! and we’re stuck with a software claming it’s the best and releasing videos on what “other softwares wished they had”
even the plugin “enforcer” has a better detection embeded then nuendo also some small audio to midi kick freeware.

I’m a Cubase guy - and sadly, on and on this saga goes…

Its just not reliable - plenty of similar posts/threads from a search, going back years… :unamused:

Have you got a testcase you could attach, that they could examine…?

ppfff yeah… a basic metal bass played on pick 1/8 dum dum dum dum … nuendo misses one out of 3 hits.
even the ones after a 1/4 full silence… it’s not worth posting i guess really it’s such a commun thing a such a basic stuff.
it was just a rage post to send an other reminder after this 10.2.20 update.
i guess with ARA, steinberg wants to give up on those features and leave them crappy for other developers to sell add-ons