Hitpoints NOT fixed in 10.0.15

Hitpoints are still NOT fixed in 10.0.15!

Yeah, official answer could be: “It’s not in the release notes”

It may have taken too much efforts and recoding to “fix” the color tool thingy…

Where other not-so-important bugs may be addressed later or even more later…

I don’t use hitpoints very often in my workflow so I can’t say I’ve been hit with this issue in a meaningful way, but I did notice in your screenshots that your threshold values are different in 9.5 v 10.0 – just wondering if you’ve tested with identical threshold settings and might get better results? Just curious.

Threshold doesn’t effect hitpoint accuracy. But on the other hand thank god they spent the last two months putting a tool back that nevr should nave been removed. Next two months of toil to reintroduce the right click menu? Hitpoints might get ‘fixed’ by C11. Sorry but this verion has really set me off.

It’s the accuracy of positioning the hitpoints which we will address in a future update.


It worked perfectly fine in 9.5?

While you’re looking at fixing hitpoints, it would be wonderful to have hit points that snap to grid for slicing pre-quantised audio.

Hi Andreas, would it be possible to put this issue high on the priority list? I have to go back to 9.5 to work with hitpoints.
And could it maybe be the cause for the audio aligment tool being not too reliable?

Triplets grid/snap in free warp too!

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