Hitpoints to different tracks.

Hi guys, first of all sorry my bad english.

So, i have Cubase Pro 9, and i am recording some sounds from my Virus Ti2. The thing is that im recording different sounds from it but on the same audio clip and then i use the hitpoints to cut and separate all of them. My question is:¿ There´s any way to split that hitpoints from the audio clip, to various tracks instead dragging and dropping to new channels? The idea is to save time and get a better workflow on the arrangement window with those new tracks coming from the hitpoints.

Thanks a lot. :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

Do I understand you correct, you want to split the Audio event by the detected Hitpoints? If yes, open the Sample Editor > Hitpoints tab, and click to Create Slices (the result will be grouped to the Audio part), or Create Events.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I know that…but I want those slices on separate tracks…not just sliced on the same one. Thanks

I don’t think this is possible automatically.