HLION SONIC 2 instalation Problems, error code 1603

When uninstalling/installing Halion Sonic 2, the error code 1603 appears. Uninstallation goes like this: I choose “uninstall Halion Sonic 264bit”, after that the message appears “The specified account already exist”, and after my clicking on “OK”, later on, the message “HALion Sonic 264bit removal failed. Fatal error during installation. Error Code 1603[/b]”.
Please, hepl me to resolve this problem. The display with the messages is in the enclosure…
HALion sonic 2 64bit_fail.jpg

Hi everybody
After consulting with my friend who is better at pc/IT, the problem was resolved as follows: he switched off antivirus program, then he switched on invisible applications (for common users invisible), and then he got to the file “steinberg” in C/users/apps/roaming/… (I do not remember the exact path, but when you assign “steinberg” into searching box, it will be found) and deleted it completely. There were probably some remnants that hindered the program installation from functioning properly. Now, everything works.