Burp… :mrgreen:

Sorry, I mean pardon me, still some familiar people about… great to see the place is still going strong :slight_smile:

Hark… who goes there???

Hai Split!
Still going strong?

well… still going anyway! thought I poke my head above the water, just completed a fairly big renovation of the old studio, hey we have running hot water now :slight_smile:

We thought you’d split… :laughing:

Hot water, its over rated, just another expression for trouble. :confused: :wink:

Ooo…bad pun alert :slight_smile:
Am I right in saying this place is quiet these days ?
I got reasonably fed up with the whole studio and recording thing after 30+ years, went and got a “proper” job and left my other producer/engineer in charge.
Still work the studio though, but can now cherry pick customers, so no bread and butter jobs for me :slight_smile:

It’s not as active as it used to, or at least I find most topics less interesting so I’m not as active as I used to.
Good to hear you got a new job but still keeping the studio. That’s what I want to do as well, I can’t see myself working in a studio all my life, but I’ll happily pick up fun projects next to a regular job. Only problem is I can’t really invest that much into building a full studio if it’s not my main thing. You’re in a nice position there Split!