Hmmm ... Not quite ready ...

Today I dove in to Dorico for the first time. Was considering using it for my next major project, but my experience suggested not yet.

Licensing was annoying: Started Dorico, got an eLicense needs to update message, then it said that I needed to quit all relevant apps, without indicating which apps to indicate - I quit everything but Dorico (right? This is the app that is trying to license itself?), but that doesn’t work, and things finally worked when I quit Dorico, find the eLicense app by itself, start it up by itself, enter the license, and waited for the OK. Then Dorico worked. I am OK with that, but hope that for future customers it is clarified.

I brought up Dorico, maximized the screen, entered about 8-10 measures piano music (2 voices in the treble), saved it. Created a new file (while the first one was still open), maximized that screen, entered another 8-10 measures, was interrupted and needed to quit. Saved (I thought) the second file, naming it, went to quit Dorico - closed the VST window first, and then quit Dorico - the first file closed successfully, the second file hung. Force quit Dorico, and restarted it, and the second file was not to be found.

(Mac OS X 10.12, MacBook Pro mid-2012)

So, my conclusion is that Dorico CAN lose my work. That is a no-go for any project i work on. (Is auto save/backup available? That, imho, should be a 1.0 feature always.)

I am waiting for some features that I would like, just from my first experimental attempt at entering ideas - like the ability to exchange voices of two parts. That would prevent me from committing to composing in this current version, when music is so subject to change. (I appreciated Daniel’s message on the video that the app is written to be PART of the composing process - not simply a layout program…)

I’ll give it a shot again after an update from Dorico and my next project is done (several months). I’m confident that it will mature.

Hopeful, somewhat understanding, but disappointed at the release of this version – particularly since it lost data. (Being a former software developer, and knowing that it is an easily solvable problem, losing data is something that I do not tolerate from any application.) From my initial experience, I feel that it should still be called Beta.

I’ve purchased it and will keep my license active - I see it more as a Kickstarter type purchase :slight_smile: - a commitment to your vision and support of an alternative to the Sibelius (and, ugh, Finale) alternatives. Despite my initial disappointment, know that I’m still behind you.

Good luck, and please keep us informed about upcoming updates and stability fixes!