Ho to get the most basic but complete voicing in the Chord track

I’m struggling a bit with chord voicing. I don’t want anything fancy. In fact, I want the less fancy voicing possible: the basic triad (1, 3, 5) and possibly over it the extensions in pitch order. If a bass note is set, use that before 1. That’s it.

For instance, even having set “Basic Voicing”, if I input “C7/9” on the chord track and drag it into a MIDI track, I get “E G A# C D”, while I expect the really basic “C E G A# D”.

I’ve tried any sort of combination / setting, but Cubase always seems to try and do something more: dropping notes, inserting inversions and so on and so forth. Of course, “Adaptive voicing” is off.

How can I get the most basic voicing complete with all the eventual extensions? Thanks


The “E G A# C D” is the 2nd inversion of the Chord. The reason is, the notes are closer to the notes in the previous chord. The Adaptive voicing tries to find to closest way. Switch the Adaptive Voicing off, if you always want to get the basic inversion.

Hi and thanks for the reply. As per my original question:

Also, I’m trying it on its own, without any chords before or after it, so there are not even “closest ways” to adapt to neighbouring chords!


Could you please write your exact Chord progression?

Hi again.
It’s not a Chord progression. It’s a chord. C7/9. I drag the chord symbol from the chord track to a midi track and the notes are messed up.


So this is the only Chord in the Chord Track, right?

You can simply select the voicing you want from the infoline.



Thank you, this is amazing and a feature I didn’t even notice!

et voilà!


If you make the Chord symbol for the very 1st one without any context around (a chord before and after), Cubase should provide the Root Position.

@Gustavo_Di_Pietro Note that you need to be using the Basic voicings for that to always occur.